Sports Performance


Exercise prescription forms a major part of physiotherapy and is proven to enhance recovery and rehabilitation of the client. A unique, research based prescription can also increase motivation and adherence to exercise thus making goals easier to achieve.

Following consultation, assessment and treatment in the clinic, sports ground, gym or at home, Vikki will design and prescribe a rehabilitation programme for each client and forward this via email. This programme will be constructed based on the clinical findings and diagnosis of the particular type of injury and will allow each client to undertake the exercises at home, work or at the gym.


A personal program of strength and conditioning will allow you to get the most from your performance for your chosen activity. At DPSP, strength and conditioning programmes are individually designed to increase strength, speed and power. Aerobic, resistance and weight lifting plans are put in place to develop you into a top level performer. Mobility, flexibility and recovery plans are also put in place with weekly individual monitoring sessions.


Your current athletic condition can be assessed using the functional movement testing screening tool. This screen looks at your physical health, athletic condition and movement capacity. FMT identifies faulty movement patterns due to weak or tightened muscle or co-ordination issues. These faulty movement patterns over time cause mechanical stress resulting in injury.

Using FMT, DPSP aims to evaluate you at rest (posture) and while you move (FMT). Based on these findings, DPSP will determine your overall condition and help develop and re-educate your movement patterns to make you move as efficiently and powerful as possible thus preventing injury.

Sports Injury and Deep Tissue Massage

Massage is a very useful tool for preparation, rehabilitation and recovery from all types of activity. At DPSP, massage is used to relieve tightened muscle tissue and restore mobility to shortened muscle fibers. Following a sprain or tear, rehabilitation exercises re-tighten muscle fibers. Massage helps to loosen muscle tone and increase blood flow to allow appropriate removal of lactic acid thus enhancing recovery time. Mental relaxation and stress relief are other benefits of massage therapy.

Pilates and Injury Prevention

At DPSP, Pilates and injury prevention classes and programmes are utilised to strengthen the core muscles of the spine, pelvis and shoulder areas and to restore normal movement functions to clients following injury or illness. Pilates is designed to treat clients with biomechanical or neurological dysfunction as well those wanting to increase strength, tone, flexibility, balance and posture. Pilates is a safe, low paced form of exercise with emphasis on posture, alignment, breathing and relaxation. Sports Pilates interlinks with injury prevention programmes and clients are brought through an evidence based array of high intensity exercises and movements that are ideal for injury prevention and recovery. Mobility, flexibility and stability are restored and are the core of each individual injury prevention programme.

Sports team Programmes

As a trained strength and conditioning coach, as well as a rehabilitation specialist, Vikki constructs individual programmes based on player’s goals and individual capabilities. Vikki undertakes physical screening tests on each player including a face to face interview to establish and design a programme best suitable for their needs and abilities within their given team. An in-depth periodic individual programme is designed and monitored closely throughout the players entire on and off season. Vikki keeps in contact and up-to-date with each player and their team via regular emails and phone calls.