Elderly Care

DPRC partners with local Nursing Homes and GP practices to provide physiotherapy services that are tailored to the elderly person. At DPrc physiotherapy programmes are designed to restore, maintain and improve physical activity, movement and balance through falls prevention and strengthening exercises.

Research indicates that the ability to maintain physical function also improves overall health by enhancing psychological and social well being.

Respite and nursing home visits

Total knee and hip replacements, surgery, chest infections, urinary tract infections are the top causes for elderly hospital admissions. Patients are then discharged for short term care to a nursing home.  DPSP  facilitates and rehabilitates these  elderly clients through use of physical activity, balance and strength training, as well as falls prevention to prepare them and integrate them back to independent living at home.

Group exercise classes and fun movement activities in nursing homes also help enrich life and maximise wellness.

Home visits

DPSP has a striving community elderly physiotherapy service. Family members and loved ones make private appointments with DPSP to assess, diagnose and treat elderly clients in the comfort of their own home. Physiotherapy rehabilitation reduces the number of falls at home, increases confidence and improves clients abilities to accomplish daily living tasks. With a growing elderly population, DPSP is delighted to be part of the national movement to keep elderly people living independently at home.

Benefits of physiotherapy include reducing the loss of bone density and muscle loss and improving the ability to accomplish daily tasks. Other benefits comprise of improved self esteem, reduced likelihood of depression and greater quality of sleep.