Orthotic Prescription

Orthotics is the use of an externally applied device that is used to modify mechanical and structural alignment of a limb.

How do orthotics work?

Foot orthotics/insoles improve the functional movement of your foot. They stabilise and optimise your foots position by reducing and redistributing the forces acting on the foot joints during walking, standing or running. Improper foot rotation, pressure point and muscle strain can also be eliminated by use of orthotics. Foot orthotics are also used to treat and manage problems at the knee, hip and spine and are suitable for children, elderly populations and the sporting individual.

How long must I use then?

Research shows that the time required to alter or adapt the position of the foot and foot joints varies among individuals and may take several months and even years. By keeping in regular contact with your Physiotherapist you can make an informed decision of when is or is not the right time to remove them.